Madison will come into your office to create a calming space and provide time for your employees to recenter during the hectic work day.

Yoga and wellness programs in corporate settings have been proven to increase work productivity and efficiency, raise employee morale and retention, and promote a healthy work environment.

A corporate yoga & meditation program will help employees:
  • Increase focus and alertness, creating more efficiency and productivity
  • Relax aching heads, decompressing from the work week
  • Work stagnant muscles and release tension, building better posture and stretching through the body
  • Be part of a team, building a sense of community in the workplace
  • Remove the burden of traveling to and from a gym, maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle

Is your company based outside of NYC? Does your team work remotely? Virtual corporate yoga sessions are available! Email Madison to schedule a 15 minute exploratory Zoom call to bring unifying and energizing yoga & meditation sessions to your organization no matter where you are in the world!

“Madison led a great yoga session at our remote team offsite. It was perfectly calibrated to be accessible and beneficial to all levels of yoga experience, and was a fantastic way to get everyone up, moving, and ready to contribute to the upcoming sessions!”

“Madison hosts remote Yoga & Meditation sessions for our company and it is a wonderful way to unwind at the end of a work from home day. Madison excels at guiding people through poses and her setup is ideal for being able to view each position and hear her instructions clearly. I really appreciate that she offers alternate instructions in order to make positions easier and harder. Our team has varied yoga experience so this is ideal for us, we are all able to get a relaxing session regardless of ability. Thanks for everything, Madison!” 

If you are interested in starting a yoga program with Madison at your company, please reach out to!