virtual yoga

Flow & Restore

Let go of anything that no longer serves you in this full 60 minute vinyasa flow. After finding strength and expansion in the physical body, we’ll slow things down and move into a restorative, yin-style practice for the last 15 minutes of class. Ground down while bringing a sense of softening to the mind and subtle body.

Energy Flow

Start your weekday mornings off right with this energizing 45 minute flow! We’ll build heat throughout the class, and end with a brief cool down and meditation before sending you off to tackle the day ahead. 

Pre/Postnatal Yoga 

New and expectant mamas come together for a flow specifically designed for the changes in the pregnant and postpartum body. Address any aches or pains in your body so you feel more comfortable throughout the day. The session will begin with a community circle where you can share whatever is weighing on your the moment. Connect to baby and other women on the same journey as you.

How to Sign Up

Venmo @Madison-Houck with your email address and the class date that you’d like to join in the description. Sliding scale $10-20 per class.

Weekly Unlimited Pass

Venmo @Madison-Houck with your email address and “weekly pass” in the description. Sliding scale $30-40 for unlimited classes.


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