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– Madison provides specialized yoga classes in NYC that are appropriate for all levels

Testimonials from a few of Madison’s students:

“Madison is a yoga teacher who goes far beyond calling out poses and giving breathing instructions. She is mindful and teaches to each individual student. Madison came into our office and created an environment where everyone – from people who have never done yoga to people who teach yoga outside of their 9-5 – felt comfortable and welcome. Her demeanor is professional yet approachable and I leave every session feeling relaxed and proud of the work she guided us through. Madison teaching at our office has been a treat as it has brought us together outside of work in a positive way.” – Meghan K.

“I have recently started taking Madison’s class and she has transformed my connection between poses and breath-work. Her approach to movement and growing in each pose has allowed me to expand my practice beyond what I have been able to accomplish in other classes. She is also an incredibly warm and approachable person who is eager to help her students go deeper in their practice no matter what level they are current working at.” – Emma S.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Friday morning class.  Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious. I especially appreciate how you always try to bring something new to each class whether it’s information about chakras or a alternative poses when I can’t get there due to injury (or old age!). Friday morning with you sets the tone for the rest of my day!” – Linda D.

“Yoga with Madison is truly an experience you don’t want to skip out on. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it makes yoga with her a smooth journey to relaxation! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.” – Elliott C.

“Madison is truly wonderful & nurturing! She is a knowledgeable teacher and yoga ‘therapist’, as I thought of it, was exactly what I was needed in my life. I shied away from the mat, as I have arthritis in my lower back and neck, and also have great challenges with my wrists. However, I have learned more about my mind, body, and chakras in the sessions with her than in the past when I was trying to get to the bottom of some of my ailments by myself. The great thing about Madison is that she is very supportive, and there for you, both by encouraging you to push yourself comfortably while also coming up with innovative ways to achieve fun and useful modifications. I would absolutely recommend Madison for any and all of your yoga needs!” – Kristina R.

“Madison is an excellent yoga instructor! She has never made me feel inadequate, even when I royally get the poses wrong. She has an amazing way of properly and easily explaining each pose, she meets you where you are – whatever level that is. She slowly pushes you to do your best. She clearly has fun and it’s truly a joy practicing yoga with her!” – Sheynelle S.

Choose from private sessions in your home, residential classes for your property, corporate classes in your workplace, or kids classes for your little ones.

If you are interested in booking a session, please reach out to madisonlaurelyoga@gmail.com!