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Grow Upward is a healing collective that holds space for you to show up with any anxiety, fear, or self-criticism you are experiencing, then shows you how to create a life full of inner peace, confidence, and self-compassion.

You are worthy of healing your attachment and inner child wounds.

You don’t have to do this on your own. 

“Madison, I know I say it all the time, but thank you. You have no idea what you have done for me, I am a new, happier, healthier person because of the work you are doing and sharing. I honestly can’t recommend Grow Upward enough, it’s helped me move from the scared girl who thought she was nothing into the woman I am now who knows who she is, what she wants/needs, what she deserves, and that she is never ever alone. I appreciate you so so deeply, Madison. Thank you for this.”

– Molly R.
Grow Upward graduate + Onward member

In case no one told you today…

You deserve to be seen, heard, valued, and loved. Everything that you are is beautiful and perfect. Your scars make you you. I love you.

Are you feeling…

…like you need to please everyone
…self-critical and judgmental 
…afraid of saying no
…critical of loved ones
…reactive and impatient in times of conflict
…fearful of failing
…worried that you’ll lose your partner
…overwhelmed in times of uncertainty 
…like you’re the glue that holds everyone together 
…that you abandon your own needs in service of others
…like you’re not getting enough support
…invalidated, unheard, unseen, or undervalued
…stuck in unhealthy, self-sabotaging patterns
…that you struggle with self-awareness and setting boundaries

Life doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending rollercoaster of painful, confusing and frustrating emotions. When you truly acknowledge your past, and dig into how that has influenced your present, you will start to see beautiful changes unfold in your life. 

Grow Upward is unique because it’s a small group, women-only setting. We heal simply by listening to other’s stories. And we heal even more deeply when we open up about our own suffering. It’s a healing collective. We are here for you. 

Hello beautiful soul, 

I am delighted that you are here. 

I have been on this healing journey for a decade now, and always like to preface my introduction with the fact that I am not healed! Surprised? Don’t be! No one is ever fully healed. No therapist, guru, or coach is ever “finished” with their healing. It is a constant work-in-progress.

Through my healing journey, I have been able to find stability, inner peace, and joy in my life. I still have bad days and moments where my conditioning takes over, but there is no doubt that I am on more solid ground than I was 10 years ago. 

As a child growing up in an alcoholic household, I quietly suffered from anxiety, depression, and feelings of crippling perfectionism and worthlessness. I wanted so badly to be a “good enough” reason for my parents to quit drinking, but nothing I ever did changed the fact that the situation was out of my control. Not straight A’s, or a perfectly clean room, or being cheerful no matter what I was feeling on the inside. This conditioning and attachment wounding carried over into romantic relationships in my late teens and early twenties. I constantly felt as if I was never enough for my partner, and that they were probably going to leave once they got to know the real me with all of my scars. 

Lucky for me, I found the practice and teachings of Yoga at 18 years old. In 2015, I went to my first therapy session where I learned about Attachment Theory and Inner Child Healing. I stepped into my first Adult Children of Alcoholics meeting a few weeks after that therapy session. Through years of self-discovery and self-reflection, I began to feel safe in my own skin. I started to speak up, voice my needs, and enforce boundaries. I wasn’t always comfortable and it wasn’t always smooth sailing, but I made tiny changes every day that have amounted to huge improvements in my daily life. 

Throughout my decade of growth, I became a certified yoga & meditation teacher and acquired experience & knowledge in trauma, mindfulness, somatic healing, psychology, Inner Child Healing and Attachment. I have collected all of my favorite healing tools and practices to share with women like you from all over the world. Grow Upward is my soul’s purpose – showing womxn that they can heal themselves and creating the community for that healing to take place. 

Join the collective. Start growing. 

all the love,


You may be wondering if this program is really for you or if it’s the right time to join…

If you have suffered inner child or attachment wounds, you might be experiencing the fear of failure right about now…

“What if this program doesn’t work for me?”
“What if I can’t do it right?”
“I’ve tried therapy, workshops, meditations – nothing helps.”

“I’m not worth investing money in.”
“What will people think if they find out I’m in group therapy?”
“I have too much going on right now.”

If this is you, I hear you.

In healing, there’s no right or wrong. Simply the act of doing it and taking the first step is enough. Signing up for a program that centers your healing practice is the radical act of putting yourself first. 

It’s scary to put yourself out there, to invest in your healing, and to start taking a closer look at your past. For just this moment, close your eyes and hold yourself gently the way you would comfort a dear friend.

Open your eyes. You are worthy of healing.

Grow Upward includes all of the best tools that I collected over the past 10 years. These are the very practices that allowed me to open my eyes to the healing I was worthy of. 

Over the course of 3 days, you will learn…

…how to say no unapologetically and prioritize your wellbeing
self-compassion and self-love tools
…about Attachment Theory and how it affects you and your relationships
…how to connect with and hold space for your inner child
…empathy, patience, understanding for self and others
…how to have mindful responses rather than reactions
…to let go of fear of abandonment, rejection, not being good enough
…how to cope during difficult and uncertain times 
…new tools and practices for growth and self-worth
somatic experiencing and embodiment 
…how to create, state, and enforce boundaries
…that you’re not alone

And of course there are some bonuses too…

In addition to the three video calls and extra BONUSES below, you’ll also get a complimentary 15 minute private mentoring session with Madison during this weekend intensive program!

The What, The Why, The How

Each day we will tackle a new topic in Attachment and Inner Child Healing. You’ll have these one-pagers to refer to during our open discussion!

Exercises, Tools & Tips

There are so many “hacks” out there that it’s hard to determine what tool would actually work for you. I’ve done the hard work of finding the most effective self-worth exercises, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Journal Prompts

Journaling can be confusing sometimes. “Do I need an introduction paragraph and pieces of evidence??” These mindfully-crafted journal prompts take out the guesswork! 


A very special community of women that have graduated from Grow Upward! We meet twice a month to continue learning, supporting, and encouraging each other. First month of Onward is included in your Grow Upward investment.


When are the program dates? 

Friday, August 20th 4 – 6 pm MT

Saturday, August 21st 8 am – 11 pm MT

Sunday, August 22nd 8 am – 11 pm MT 

What is the investment for the program? 

Investment for the 3 days is 595 USD*. This includes the 3 group video calls ($1,200 value), the private mentoring session ($100 value), a welcome goodie box ($50 value), unlimited access to Madison’s yoga classes for the months of August + September ($140 value), guided meditations + journal prompts ($150 value), as well as your first month in the Onward graduate community ($49 value).

*Grow Upward is offered on a sliding scale.

Rebalancing Member (you have more than enough financial resources to support access for others, helping to rebalance systemic inequity) 595 USD

Fair Member (you have sufficient financial resources and can pay fair value for the program) 495 USD

Supported Member (you have currently limited financial resources and will benefit from access supplemented by the community) 395 USD

What are the group video calls like?

Each day we will hop on Zoom and dive into a new topic. The first welcome session is 2 hours long and the next two sessions are 3 hours (with a 20 minute break). They are done in an open-dialogue format. We break up the workshop with mindfulness breaks, somatic exercises, journaling sessions, guided meditations, and intentional movement. The group also utilizes the breakout room function on Zoom so you and your accountability partner get to do exercises and activities together!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Enrollment Closes


“Grow Upward was an experience that changed my life. Through Madison’s guidance, I learned to work through childhood trauma using a variety of strategies that I had never learned before, and use them to begin healing my inner child. I was able to lean on strong women who wanted to do the work with me, and I formed irreplaceable bonds with them. Following Grow Upward, we continue to both support and hold each other accountable as we embark on this lifelong healing journey. I am forever grateful to Madison for her encouragement, teaching, acceptance, and positivity. Grow Upward is a chance to take control of your life and happiness. Do the work, let yourself be vulnerable, and come out on the other side a changed woman.”

— Jenna B.

“Thank you so much Madison for your bravery, strength, resilience and unapologetically owning who you are and what you’ve been through. This entire process has inspired me so much to accept myself more, face my scars and push through the pain because there is peace on the other side.”

— Kayla O.

“I came to this program with a lot of pain. Madison and her teachings in Grow Upward have given me tools to allow myself to navigate this pain and set boundaries with the ones who have caused it. While this healing is ongoing, Grow Upward brought to my eyes what I need more of in my life!”

— Paige W.

“Madison led this women’s group with grace, organization, and encouragement. She set the tone for the inclusive, positive environment that made Grow Upward a community which allowed people who were complete strangers beforehand to open up and be excited to do deep-rooted inner child work. I am now standing by what I need to feel fulfilled and at peace. I am so excited to carry on the new tools I’ve learned in Grow Upward.”

— Madlen G.

“Self-love and awareness is about tending to the innermost parts of ourselves, the flowers that are wilting and in the dark. Madison gives you the tools to tend to those flowers, to nourish them with love, words and sunlight. In Grow Upward, she supports you on your journey to healing, watching you blossom each step of the way.”

— Bekah A.

“As a new mom who is working full time, Grow Upward was my commitment to myself to continue to dedicate time / energy to my mental and physical health. The program gave me practical tools that I could implement in my daily life while also giving me an hour each week where I knew I could stop and just be with myself. The community Madison has built with Grow Upward alongside her compassion and knowledge is so valuable at any moment in one’s life but especially in moments where you feel you might not have the time or energy to grow.”

— Nikki D.

“I have enjoyed Grow Upward so much. I had an inkling that my experiences as the child of a narcissistic and physically/emotionally abusive parent had an impact on my adult life. I had no idea just how intertwined by adult struggles and childhood traumas were. Now that I have a better understanding, I can mitigate the impacts by modulating my thoughts and activities and proactively caring for that traumatized inner child. I look forward to continuing this journey. I loved this program!”

— Alex S.

“Grow Upward is truly the second best thing I’ve committed to this year (only second to the birth of my son)! With all that’s happened this year, a lot of my childhood traumas surfaced without me truly realizing it. This course and the work that myself and the other 5 ladies were able to work through with Maddie is something like I’ve never experienced before. I’ve learned so much about myself and am on the most amazing journey to self healing.”

— Tawatha V.

“Grow Upward helped me love myself, which is in my opinion the genuine first start on a healing journey. It showed me I wasn’t alone and that I deserve happiness, and I deserve to have my needs met. It showed me what my needs are, and healthy ways to get them met. It helped me heal parts of myself that were so covered and gave me tools to continue my healing, and help others around me on their journey. Madison, I know I say it all the time, but thank you. You have no idea what you have done for me, I am a new, happier, healthier person because of the work you are doing and sharing. I honestly can’t recommend this program enough, it’s helped me move from the scared girl who thought she was nothing into the woman I am now who knows who she is, what she wants/needs, what she deserves, and that she is never ever alone. I love you and appreciate you so so deeply, Madison. Thank you for this.”

— Molly R.

“Grow Upward was the first step I have taken in my self-growth journey. It has taught me that I am not alone in the process and how to start communicating more effectively in my relationships. Madison is a light, she brings out the best in all of us and is the perfect leader for this program.”

— Kelly F.

“I have been holding onto the past for a long time and finally feel like I know how to let it go. The group setting became a comfortable space where I felt that I could be honest with myself and the other women and be open to healing. Over the course of this month in Grow Upward my whole energy has shifted for the better.”

— Erin O.

“Joining Grow Upward was an amazing way to start 2021. It’s been such a wonderful journey, and the best part is that finishing these four weeks is only the beginning. Setting aside this time each week to practice reflection, mindfulness, introspection, and self-love was eye-opening, at times difficult, and altogether transformative. What I really appreciated is that the experience is not isolated to just one class each week. Instead, Grow Upward is month-long a series of tools, activities, and interactions dispersed throughout the month in a way that illustrates just how often you can incorporate upward growth into your life when you understand how and why to do so. I felt connected, supported, and like I was constantly learning something new about myself, or a new way to look at something in my relationships. It has been incredibly helpful in my relationship with my partner, but also in my parental relationships, friendships, and my relationship with myself.”

— Ashley W.

“Grow Upward has helped me put some structure behind my self care. I have put me to the side for a long time and taking this course, with these other amazing women, has been the perfect format for me to add some great new habits into my life. I would recommend this to any and all women!! The only way to a better life is to start from within. Thank you so much Madison for turning something you were so passionate about into this amazing gift. I look forward to continuing my journey with you and all the other women that have chosen this path. You are awesome!!”

— Summer S.

“I didn’t understand why I felt so disconnected from so many important parts of my life before Grow Upward and I came out of the program with a better understanding of myself and tools to develop more meaningful connections with the people I love. I’m so grateful for Madison’s compassion and inspiration and I already feel a huge difference in my relationships with my friends, family, and partner. I think everyone can benefit from Grow Upward and should take this opportunity for more self-compassion and growth.”

— Shannon B.

“The Grow Upward community gave me a space, around others who care and are compassionate, to grow. People need their spaces, and this was a space I used to provide time, energy, and diligence to exactly and only that. I’ve never taken that space before, and in doing so, I felt like I gave myself a cold drink of water. That glass every week gave me some refreshment and clarity, along with actions to help me disclose more, to myself, each week. This community will affect others in all different ways, but I hope that however it reaches other women in the future, it offers them the same refresher it did to me. It’s well worth it.”

— Lindsay H.

“Madison doesn’t just teach. She shares and walks every step of the way with you. I never imagined such a shift in my life in just one month, but I was happily surprised with how much progress I made on my healing journey. I came out of Grow Upward with a toolbox of healthy and productive ways to overcome. I came out of this course strong.”

— Anna I.

“Madison’s Grow Upward course was the first step I needed to take to get through all of the pain I’ve felt in my life. I’ve always gotten over it, but never through it. She helps you along the way and gives tools in practical ways to begin healing. It is a judgement free space where you can be whoever you are openly and let yourself be a better you. The person you were made to be.”

— Alice W.

“If you have been fortunate enough to work with Madison, then you know what a passionate, dedicated, kind and curious teacher and human being she is. Madison gives all of her heart and soul to Grow Upward for the sheer purpose of trying to make you a happier and healthier woman.”

— Sara S.

“In Grow Upward I found new friendships, self growth, and a fantastic leader in Madison. I now have tools to take care of myself and my inner child, and better understand the dynamics of my relationships and my attachment style. Even though the work is never done, I feel so much stronger than I did before this program. Madison is an excellent leader, teacher and has such a caring and smart way about her. Thank you for teaching me how to better live this thing called life.”

— Reilly W.

“What I got most out of Grow Upward was an understanding that everyone has trauma, and it doesn’t always look the same. I have such a stronger understanding of how my attachment style and qualifiers have shaped my sense of self after completing this program with Madison. This course is a no-pressure opportunity to better one’s self.”

— Kara R.

“I’ve been trying to do a lot of work on my inner child in the past few years, but before Grow Upward, it very much felt like an isolated journey. So much of what surfaces during this work can make you feel very alone, and the tools and community Maddie provides to make you feel safe, seen, and loved are invaluable. You can truly feel how committed Maddie is not just to the Grow Upward community as a whole, but to your individual journey as well.”

— Casey R.

“Grow Upward allowed me to grow into my higher self and gain so much self love and love from the sisterhood we formed. I faced some of my inner issues on a deeper level and resolved some of my trauma, but as we know healing is a lifelong process and this an amazing place to start. I was held accountable to doing things that actually make me feel GOOD – journaling, meditating, yoga, positive affirmations, sharing my growth and experiences with the group, I mean the list goes on. I was also able to develop a clearer vision on what I want for myself today and for my future. I would 10/10 recommend Grow Upward to anyone who wants to invest in themselves as this program will benefit you and those around you.”

— Gina D.

“Participating in Grow Upward has definitely been a catalyst in my personal growth & healing journey! I feel so much more equipped to have a healthier relationship with myself, my daughter, and my partner. Recognizing my inner child wounds, cultivating a positive “wise parent” voice, and learning my attachment style — and getting to hear and share with other women who are on similar journeys — has me feeling like I’m set on a solid foundation to keep doing the work. It’s a program I really believe every woman would deeply benefit from!”

— Erika G.

“Grow Upward opened my eyes to my inner child, attachment style and the impact that those things have in my every day life. It’s simple, but I’ve learned that it’s going to be OK regardless of the hurdles life throws at me – most people have very similar challenges. I simply need to put more focus on myself and my why.”

— Alex M.

“Grow Upward is like beautiful alchemy turning past pain/trauma into an education for women to grow + feel secure in their lives, relationships + own minds! The course was so well organised + jam packed full of teachings. I’ve learned so much + increased my knowledge of psychology, attachment theory, ways to self regulate + how to be healthy + secure in relationships whether romantic or otherwise. I’ve loved being part of a community who are all about supporting each other + being vulnerable in sharing our stories to elevate each other. This course is worth its weight in gold! It will empower you by helping you understand the reasons behind your past behaviours, loving on your inner child +  taking action steps to make your own self care + healthy boundaries a priority. My inner child is super happy I did this!”

— Catherine G.

“Grow Upward was the push I needed to begin exploring my inner child wounds + needs. For a long time I avoided digging into this part of myself because I felt there wasn’t much to uncover, I didn’t want to blame my parents + I didn’t want to seem ungrateful for what I did have growing up. Grow Upward provided a safe space + a community of women to explore this part of myself without the guilt. I’m grateful + happy to say I left the program with a better understanding of my inner child + with tangible tools I will continue using on my healing + growth journey.”

— Maria C.

“Grow Upward is a great way to reconnect with yourself. You’re able to dive into those feelings that may make you feel like you’re alone. You quickly learn that you are not alone, and you get an incredibly supportive community to go through the journey with. I did this program to reacquaint myself with the hurt little girl inside of me, and repair that hurt however I could. Through compassion and community, I got to reintroduce myself to her and will now cherish her in my heart forever more.”

— Sarah S.

“I thought I had a pretty solid understanding of my communication and attachment style but Grow Upward showed me that there’s more nuance to it and has given me very simple, practical tools to move to a more secure style all around. Madison and the group provide a safe space for self-discovery and to brainstorm very practical, easy habits you can integrate in to your day to improve your relationships with yourself and others.”

— Robbin R.

“I got more than I expected from this program. I started with the intentions of learning how to heal and in that I found more than just healing, but accepting love and loving. Processing and progressing through challenges to make growth and better conscious decisions. This program provided me with the tools to feel confident and stable when life seems to spiral out of control. It also examines the core of our problems and asks us to question ourselves in healthy ways in order to understand our actions, feelings, and thoughts.”

— Alexis S.

“Grow Upward allows for inner growth as well as the tools to put your actions and thoughts into words. It made me a better communicator with my partner as well as to myself. I now have the tools and recourses I need to make and maintain secure relationships in my life.”

— Aidan T.

“Grow Upward is a great program for those who are looking to go deeper and understand how your childhood has impacted your current relationships. It’s not always the easiest work, but with the environment that Madison is able to create, you feel safe and secure to really dig down deep.”

— Sierra S.

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