meet madison


Madison was first drawn to yoga as a physical challenge and supplemental flexibility and strength training when she was in high school. Growing up playing competitive tennis and many other sports, she looked at yoga as a new challenge – wanting to get into difficult arm balances and inversions as soon as possible. After months of practicing only one limb of yoga, asana, Madison began to see the benefits of her practice in areas other than her physical body. It began to relieve her anxiety, helped her heal relationships with family, and cultivated a more positive outlook on life. Since 2010, she has had a consistent daily yoga practice that incorporates all of the eight limbs, not just asana. 

After being a dedicated student for 6 years, she had the desire to deepen her practice and traveled to India to learn more about the teachings of yoga and further her practice. In 2016, Madison completed her 200 Hour YTT at Rishikesh Yog Peeth in the teachings of Hatha yoga. In 2019, she continued her education by studying under the renowned Deb Flashenberg of the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC, receiving an 85 Hour Pre/Postnatal YTT. She enjoys the fluidity, dance-like qualities of yoga and combines breath with movement in her classes. Madison also loves to use the support of props to relax and ease the physical body, as well as hands-on adjustments, essential oils, and massage therapy. Madison’s classes will help you find proper alignment, connection and peace with your mind, and deep relaxation. 

If you are interested in booking a session with Madison, please reach out to!