Here’s what some of my students have to say…

“When COVID hit NYC and Madison started teaching Zoom classes, I signed up immediately because I loved her in person classes so much. But, I was not expecting the classes to become a crucial part of my routine during this time at home. My yoga practice has grown more in the last five months than in the last 3 years combined. It is so rare in New York to take class with the same teacher two to three times per week and is something I didn’t know I was missing until now. Madison takes the time to learn her students and it shows. She knows when I can be pushed, she knows when my standing leg is being lazy, she knows what poses challenge me. She also listens when I have an area I am trying to work on and calls out moments in class that I should be paying attention to. She does this for me, and she does this for every student. The mental and physical strength, flexibility, and balance I have gained through her classes have been critical to existing during these unprecedented times.” – Emma W.

“Madison’s teaching style is the perfect balance of energizing and grounding. Her warmth and personality shine through each session with her signature patience, encouragement, and a welcome, inclusive vibe. Whether you’re a yoga newbie or a seasoned pro, Madison can guide your practice with calm and confidence.” – Micol O.

“I’ve been working with Madison since the beginning of my second trimester and she has helped me to stay fit during the entire pregnancy, despite not having experience in yoga before pregnancy and not being at my best fitness level when we started. We’ve had to pivot to virtual sessions because of covid but I feel that she still watches me closely to monitor my form and I haven’t noticed an impact in the level of training I’ve received. I’ve never felt intimidated, even being a beginner and I’m convinced that working with Madison has helped me to avoid any significant aches and pains during the pregnancy. She even modifies the sessions on the spot to address any pregnancy symptoms I could be experiencing like heartburn or nausea. She’s also so positive and has a really great energy. Overall, I would recommend Madison to anyone seeking to learn prenatal yoga, or any other type of yoga she offers.” – Carolina Z.

“I’ve been taking group classes in person and private sessions virtually with Madison for over a year now. She is one of the finest yoga instructors I’ve seen. She is verbally adept and is always so clear in articulating the yoga sequence. She is also great at giving you verbal cues when you’re in a pose to help you focus on the right area. Her sequences are always very creative and hit all muscle groups. Madison is an athlete who understands the body well. I think this really makes her stand out as an instructor. I couldn’t recommend her more and feel lucky to be able to work with her.” – Paul L.

“Madison is a yoga teacher who goes far beyond calling out poses and giving breathing instructions. She is mindful and teaches to each individual student. Madison came into our office and created an environment where everyone – from people who have never done yoga to people who teach yoga outside of their 9-5 – felt comfortable and welcome. Her demeanor is professional yet approachable and I leave every session feeling relaxed and proud of the work she guided us through. Madison teaching at our office has been a treat as it has brought us together outside of work in a positive way.” – Meghan K.

“I never thought that virtual yoga would actually improve my yogi game – but I’ve never felt stronger and progress with poses since regularly taking Madison’s classes. She perfectly constructs classes to build strength and gain restfulness with technique critiques via zoom. I originally thought that virtual yoga with Madison would be a quarantine activity – but I look forward to making Madison’s classes a regular part of my life.” – Alex M.

“Madison has been extremely helpful and informative while starting my yoga journey. She understands that every student is different and, as such, tailors sessions to what you NEED the most. Although she pushes you to try new and different poses, she never makes you feel uncomfortable and instead, slowly progresses you. I’ve enjoyed her holistic approach that truly brings out ALL the benefits of yoga!” – Miguel V.

“I have recently started taking Madison’s class and she has transformed my connection between poses and breath-work. Her approach to movement and growing in each pose has allowed me to expand my practice beyond what I have been able to accomplish in other classes. She is also an incredibly warm and approachable person who is eager to help her students go deeper in their practice no matter what level they are current working at.” – Emma S.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Friday morning class.  Your enthusiasm and passion is infectious. I especially appreciate how you always try to bring something new to each class whether it’s information about chakras or a alternative poses when I can’t get there due to injury (or old age!). Friday morning with you sets the tone for the rest of my day!” – Linda D.

“Yoga with Madison is truly an experience you don’t want to skip out on. She knows exactly what she’s doing and it makes yoga with her a smooth journey to relaxation! 10/10 would recommend to a friend.” – Elliott C.

“Madison is truly wonderful & nurturing! She is a knowledgeable teacher and yoga ‘therapist’, as I thought of it, was exactly what I was needed in my life. I shied away from the mat, as I have arthritis in my lower back and neck, and also have great challenges with my wrists. However, I have learned more about my mind, body, and chakras in the sessions with her than in the past when I was trying to get to the bottom of some of my ailments by myself. The great thing about Madison is that she is very supportive, and there for you, both by encouraging you to push yourself comfortably while also coming up with innovative ways to achieve fun and useful modifications. I would absolutely recommend Madison for any and all of your yoga needs!” – Kristina R.

“Madison is an excellent yoga instructor! She has never made me feel inadequate, even when I royally get the poses wrong. She has an amazing way of properly and easily explaining each pose, she meets you where you are – whatever level that is. She slowly pushes you to do your best. She clearly has fun and it’s truly a joy practicing yoga with her!” – Sheynelle S.

“We met Madison over a year ago when we were looking for a toddler yoga class for our 3 year old. At the time our daughter was very shy and didn’t want to do much without mama. Madison immediately captured her attention and imagination and for the first time I could take a break and let her enjoy a class all on her own. Madison has continued to inspire her to move and breathe and she still uses her mantra BRAVE.  GENTLE. STRONG. AND KIND!  We love you Madison!” – Jaime P. & Stella

“Through yoga, Madison has brought a sense of calm, happiness and strength to our family. She is an amazingly professional teacher who can adapt to the needs of everyone – I can attest to this from the experience with my newborn to my retired mum and everyone in between.” – Minna L.

“Madison provides a soulful and thoughtful practices focusing on seamless transitions and chakra led sequencing. Her style allows you to find therapy in the movement but also go at whichever pace works for you. The flow of her class is similar to some of the most competitive studios in the city, but with a much more personal touch. Her classes got me through my postpartum recovery, mentally and physically. I could not recommended Madison enough!” – Manya M.

“Practicing yoga with Madison has been my favorite way to start the day. Classes are both challenging and playful, an invitation to explore how every little detail can influence my overall alignment and flow.” – Charley R.

“I loved taking class with Madison! I appreciated Madison’s creativity with structuring flows. The class was 60 minutes and she wasted no time in getting us warmed up and ready to dive into deeper poses. All of this combined with her sunny personality and sense of humor made for a time well spent. I highly recommend taking class with Madison and gaining from her vast understanding of the practice and the body.” – Emma I.

“Madison Houck is the most amazing, most vibrant and thorough teacher I have ever had in all my years of taking yoga and pilates. I especially like her willingness to support and correct students in the most generous of ways. A real find! I love her class!” – Pamela L.

“I looked forward to Madison’s yoga class every single week on my maternity leave. She exudes the best energy – a perfect mixture of calm and enthusiasm, and her yoga routines are unique, challenging and feel SO good to do! She provided me with some much needed healing all around.” – Keren M.

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